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APASAN provides targeted consulting, analytics & credit processes outsourcing services to address key issues across various businesses, products and markets.

Business: Commercial, Consumer, Small Business, Wealth Management, Insurance
  Products: Real Estate Loans, Mortgages, Home Equity, Credit Cards, Unsecured Lines, Deposits, Auto
  Markets: Prime to Sub-Prime, Domestic & International
Enterprise Risk Management Model Development & Data management Business Growth and Profitability Project Management Office Outsourcing
Risk Policy, Risk Strategy & Control, Risk Identification & Assessment, Total Credit Cycle Management Mathematical Model Development, Governance and Validation Cross Sell Strategy, New Product launch, Process Reengineering Ensure accurate implementation of Data & Strategy Credit & Fraud Functions
Loss Mitigation, Loss Forecasting, Stress Level Testing Loss Forecasting Models, Total Credit Cycle Model Coverage Retail Distribution Network Optimization, Branch Efficiency Efficient Management of all Vendors Analytics & Model Building
Early Fraud Detection and Prevention - Transaction, Application & Behavior Design and build of Data Architecture, Data Marts, and Analytics Center of Excellence (Factory) Customer Experience Management Staffing for all Functions  
Improving Productivity of Risk Capital, Risk Based Pricing Marketing Analytics - Optimization of direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, Segmentation Analysis, Stem Customer Attrition Insurance Claims Management, Architecture, Minimize Claims Costs & Reduce Fraud Losses    
Determination of Total Portfolio Risk Exposure, Economic Capital Framework   Product Optimization and Bundling    
Optimization of Collection & Account Management Services        
  Phased Implementation Approach
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