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APASAN experience is across various businesses, products and markets. APASAN will leverage its best advanced analytics and management expertise of more than 150 years of combined team experience and dedicated professionals who have served more than 50 clients across all relevant industries and geographies.

Given the strategic importance of our client’s initiative, the nature of the work involved, and the breadth and depth of skills and experience required to deliver, we will mobilize an experienced team of analytic resources.

Few sample experiences in brief are shown below:

Mortgages & Repurchase Experience:

  • Built systems for most of the top 10 Mortgage Originators for Quality Scoring,TPO Charge Back, Next Generation Risk-based Pricing, Operating Reserve Diagnostic, Repurchase Statistical Profile Queuing, FHA Uninsured Statistical Profiling, Document Repair, Critical Timeline Process Routing, Electronic Delivery, Copy Package Workflow Optimization, MI Delegation Error Mapping, MI Delegation Error Mapping, Appraisal E&O Analytical Claim Targeting, NOO Identity & OCC Dispute Targeting, and Delegated U/W Statistical Profiling.

Analytics, Model Development and Validation Experience:

  • Top Commercial Bank – Performed in-depth risk assessment, generated gap analysis reports that were shared with the board of directors, built loss forecasting framework and models, validated and approved by regulators.

  • Top Retail Bank – Built & implemented Basel compliance models, economic capital models, risk-based pricing, profitability and attrition models, and data requirements for all consumer bank products.

Retail Banking Experience:

  • Large Consumer Finance company - Profitable Growth and Cross Sell strategies for consumer products across all channels while maintaining an optimal balance of risk.

  • Leading Small Business Lender - Launched super prime small business credit card. Built credit policies and customer management techniques.

  • Leading Insurance Provider – Launched credit card and other lending products. Conducted customer segmentation, developed credit policies, and implemented customer centric business practices.

  • World’s Largest Credit Card Issuer - Launched credit products targeting the Asian Indian population in the US.

  • Private Consulting Firm - Built consumer credit card practice.

Enterprise-wide Risk Management Experience:

  • Large Bank – Built an Economic Capital Framework across all retail products and all risk types – credit, liquidity, market, business, interest rate and operational risks

  • Large Consumer Finance Company – Built and implemented Loss forecasting and customer profitability strategy & predictive models for all consumer and small business products. Established a formalized risk frame-work process to effectively communicate key risk metrics to executive management.

  • Top Retail Bank - -Built risk policies for consumer, commercial, small business, debit and credit card products.
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