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MRCF&A - Mortgage Risk Control Framework & Architecture. Our unique approach reduces Operating Capital and Expenses on a Sustainable Basis, year after year, and is a complete systematic framework that insures that all Mortgage Operating Risks are identified, tracked, reported; so that Operating losses and Capital are minimized on a sustainable basis.

APASAN has developed a unique Repurchase Diagnostic and Framework that has tremendous advantages for a Mortgage Business:

  1. Monetize the paper clogging up the “Back-end” of the Mortgage business
  2. Focuses on Analytical Data Driven Strategies
  3. Will increase and maximize the Bank’s recapture of repurchase losses
  4. Will increase and maximize Bank’s collection of guarantees from Third Parties
  5. Will decrease Bank’s creation of new operating exposures
  6. Will deliver quick results in the first few months

Framework for Reducing Mortgage Risk & Operating capital

More important than just meeting the regulatory requirements or mining costs is implementing a complete framework that will reduce the Operating Capital on a Sustainable basis. APASAN has com up with a comprehensive approach plan for developing a Third Party Risk Control Framework and Architecture ("MRCF&A") the would insure that all Risks are identified, tracked, reported and all necessary steps are followed.

APASAN's framework will reduce mortgage operating capital because it is a complete system (with feedback) that manages all third party vendors on system of verifiable and established control points, quality controls, and operating risk minimizing strategies for the full spectrum of operating risks (financial as well as non-financial risks) that minimize the losses from unexpected risks.

These losses may be expressed in traditional direct dollar from , repurchase, lack of sufficient staffing , capacity or throughput, reputation, legal penalties, quality of mortgage files, etc.

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